Jewellery creations for the last six months.
 Jewellery 2017

I am back!   It is now acknowledged that time speeds up as you get older and I think that’s why it is already nearing the end of September and I haven’t been on my blog since January – old age has a lot to answer!  However, I have always been in my own time warp and I think Einstein had the answer when he  said time was relative, as I have always had difficulty in managing time. I get absorbed in doing so many things, crochet, art, learning the ukulele, jewellery-making, paper-crafts and gardening.   Add to that my love of reading, my voluntary work for the Alzheimer Society and of course my greatest love for family and friends, I can see that finding time for everything is as much of an issue for me now, as a pensioner, than it was when I was younger and had a job and family.
I’ve been doing lots of crochet work, just simple things, like bags and scarves, or small flowers, as I find this very relaxing and I can justify sitting down and watching the television, plus it makes it possible to give family and friends little gifts.

These scarves are made using one of my favourite patterns, “Angel Crochet Scarf” by Amanda Perkins,  which I found on Pinterest.

These bags were made using a pattern from Mollie Makes – No 22. I have made the pattern using the correct ply and keeping to the pattern stitch count, which looked nice, but in the above samples I haven’t used the pattern stitch count.  I have just used the stitch pattern and varied the size of the bags. It took me some time to get the sides even and so you might notice that the blue and grey bags have tapered!


18th January, 2016.

I hope to be able to keep up with my blogging this year, it is one of my new year resolutions!  I’ve already started this half-way through January, so I’m a late starter, as usual.  I think that a daily blog is a rather unrealistic goal for me to attain, so I hope I can manage a weekly blog.  I took lots of photographs of my crafting interests last year, mostly crocheted gifts for Christmas 2015, but some from Christmas 2014.IMG_0390 IMG_0418 IMG_0430 IMG_0820 IMG_0818

heartWell, Happy Valentine’s Day to everyone – I hope it has been a good day.  I thought this would be the perfect time to re-start my blog as I do love looking at all the lovely craft ideas that other bloggers publish on their website’s – and Valentine’s Day always provides lots of inspiration.  I can hardly believe that over a year has elapsed since I last wrote on my blog, but I had a busy year and so had very little free time for writing.  I do admire those bloggers who are consistent with their blogs, I find it difficult to maintain consistency, and I would like to thank them all for their wonderful ideas,for sharing their passion  and allowing me to have a glimpse in to their lives. A special thank you to “The Brick Street Bungalow” blog for the crotchet heart pattern that was shown, with thanks also to Nancy Drew for the gorgeous design.

It has been an amazing Autumn and my husband, who is an amateur photographer, suggested that we go to Castle Howard and visit the Arboretum there and take photographs of the trees before winter sets in and all the leaves have fallen off. We went with our camera’s and a picnic lunch and we hoped that we would be able to capture some of the beauty of the Yorkshire landscape. We were incredibly lucky as even though it was November, the sun was shining and it was relatively warm for the time of the year.
I love trees and the gorgeous patterns and colours of leaves are so amazing, I think these photograph’s illustrate the wonderful variety of trees in the Arboretum and I would recommend anyone who loves trees to visit it. I took lots of photograph’s of leaves, I will use them to inspire my art, for both paper crafts and jewellery design. Also the landscape, with tall majestic trees and sweeping panorama’s, will be an uplifting memory when the winter turns cold and dark

I am sorry that I have not kept up with my blogging, apologies to all of you for being away for such a long time. My thanks go to Flower Press for re-inspiring me to get started again; I am grateful to all those bloggers who create such wonderful sites and are so generous with their ideas and comments. Also my thanks to WordPress for all their advice and inspirational posts.
Crotchet Cakes . I made these crotchet cakes for my friend, Anne, as miniatures of her cakes that were made for the Clandestine Cake Club. The cakes are always baked on a theme, and these were Anne’s designs, roughly interpreted by me in crotchet. The green one was a sponge filled with cream, with green icing and Pistachio nuts and chocolate vermicelli. The blue one was a sponge filled with cream and black cherries, with blue icing and marzipan fragments (to imitate ice-floes) and dusted with cake glitter. I used the Cherry Cake pattern from “Gourmet Crotchet”, by Christine Haden and Mariarosa Sala. I altered the pattern to suit my designs; I made both cakes taller and I changed cotton in the middle to white, to represent the cream and in the blue cake I added maroon crotchet cotton to represent black cherries. I also altered the pattern for the the tops of the cakes.

14 April, 2013.

Another month has gone and I haven’t been keeping up with my blog pages as I had hoped. However, on the bright side of things I have been busy making things and these are the latest pieces of jewellery that I have made – for the special people in my life. I have worked with both silver and gold this time, as these gifts were marking special events – a Golden Wedding, for two close friends, whom I’ve know for over forty-seven years and have wonderful memories of a great friendship. Also a special memento for my daughter-in-law, Paula, for the help and support she gave me and my sister, during the final hours of our Mum’s life. I am so lucky to have Paula and we all felt that her skills as an Intensive-care nurse, made all the difference in helping us to cope with losing Mum, it is a time never to be forgotten.

Paula’s ring. A ruby set in gold.

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