A closer look at the coffee cup , revealing the smaller flowers in the pattern.

5th March, 2012

This is part of the china that my Grandmother owned – I have always loved it.  This is the coffee service  and it is part of the ” Serena ” collection manufactured by Royal Albert.  I love the large cabbage roses and the delicate flowers.  As you can see I love pink china and the small jug and sugar bowl are modern and from the “PIP” collection.

My grand-daughter says “The snowman’s head has flown into the sky!”

Shelburn salutes to the sun!

Our very own Snowman. It was wonderful to see the garden looking so pretty with about three inches of snow covering everything.  The snow was crisp and dry and we decided to build a snowman.  I haven’t made a snowman for years, I usually leave the men to do this job, so it took some time to complete him, but the granddaughters and I had such fun doing this and had  a great sense of satisfaction when we saw him finished.  We couldn’t find enough stones for his face and coat and we didn’t even have a carrot for his nose, so we had to improvise.  My granddaughter named him Shelburn and we hope he is still standing tomorrow!

4 February 2012   Snow, snow, snow!


Jewellery making is one of my hobbies and I go to classes once a week, I have been going for some years now.  This is a ring that I made for my friend for Christmas; my friend loves moonstones and so do I and the setting, I think, really enhances the stone. One of the designers who influences my work is Gerda Flockinger and my design choice reflects this to some extent. I reticulated the silver and shaped the ring in an organic style; I have a wonderful tutor, Jacqueline Warrington whose work I love, and without her help I wouldn’t be able to create anything worthwhile. I find going to classes such fun and even when I am feeling exhausted, before I go, I soon find myself energised and ready to start creating something new.

Ring (view 1 )

Ring (view 2)

Another view of the ring – I used blue topaz and a white zircon – if only diamonds were more affordable. But heck, you can’t really tell the difference at a glance!

Hamlet and Boz

Hamlet is our older cat and he has always “mothered” Boz – they often curl up together as you can see; not quite brotherly love as they are not related, although they came from the same cat breeder.  They often hog the settee leaving little room for me!


Thought you might like to see Boz, our Birman cat, as he is one half of the title of my blog. He will be twelve years old this year. He loves the good life and here he is relaxing on our settee – he loves the indoor life, especially in winter.

it was so cold today but my husband managed to cycle down to the harbour to take this photograph – isn’t it beautiful? This was sunrise over the harbour wall. We are lucky to live by the sea

Sunrise. January 2012

Another view, but this time looking at the boats in the harbour.

  1. Sandi said:

    These are beautiful shots, Vivien. Thank you for sharing and have a lovely day.


  2. Johanna said:

    Hi Vivian,
    I enjoyed the beautiful sunrise. Thank you for sharing.
    Best greetings, Johanna

  3. anne said:

    Love that brooch! So pleased you made it for me!

  4. Hello lovely Viv, thank you so much for your kind comment and I’m glad to find you too after you found me! 🙂 I can’t believe the coincidence – I’ve done silversmithing because I work in glass (lampworking) so silver cohabits with the beads I make. I love jewellery and bead weave on the loom as well as doing peyote and the other bead stitches. Seeing the snow made me feel so cold…it’s winter here but no snow in Brisbane, Qld, Australia! That would be a miracle! I can tick off almost all of your interests as my own so how exciting is that? I studied literature and writing at university, completing my Bachelor degree of four years with an Honours year and now find as a freelance writer that I write about all aspects of my previous study, work and life. l hope we keep contact. Take care and thanks so much for writing to me. Do you crochet? I’m so hooked, it’s ridiculous! love lu x

  5. Oh, and you are so good with your blog! I’m just starting and am not sure how to do more on it. I’ll now be a visitor to yours to keep up with what you’re doing. What fun! x

  6. Go to Artist books3.0 and look up ‘Linda Douglas’ to see more of my handmade books. You might find something that sparks your interest and you might show me some photos of your books. I’d love to see them!

  7. Wonderful grandmother’s cup and saucer and gorgeous cats and marvellous seascapes. The jewellery journey needs to be a longer one. It took me thirty years to do interesting work – although I attracted attention from almost he start and then another thirty to stay on that wave and continue to develop. Best wishes to you from Gerda

    • bartynboz said:

      I was so delighted when I read your message last night, I had just returned home from my birthday celebration and your comments were the ‘icing on the cake’. I have always loved your work, you are my inspiration and though this is my hobby, I am seventy-two now, I can only dream of creating something as fabulous as you, I don’t think I will live long enough! I am a student of Jacqueline Warrington and she is part of Aura, four individual jewellery artists based in Yorkshire. From the first day I saw your work in a magazine I was captured by your artistry. I travelled to London to see some of your work in the V & A and was truly smitten by your jewellery. To have such a unique vision is a wonderful gift and I can imagine that you attracted attention from the start. So pleased that you stayed ‘on that wave’ for another thirty years. Thanks for the inspiration, I really feel privileged that you have sent me such a lovely message. I wish you good health and happiness and the very best wishes, Viv

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